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Adding Nameservers on Sun Solaris

This is how to add a DNS Server to Solaris Box…

First of all, Open up your favourite text editor and add the name servers into /etc/resolv.conf


If you need to add more, just add another one in the next line…

Following the instructions below will walk you through the process…

bash-3.00# ping www.google.com
ping: unknown host www.google.com
bash-3.00# cat /etc/resolv.conf
bash-3.00# cd /etc/
bash-3.00# cp -p nsswitch.conf nsswitch.conf.org
bash-3.00# cp -p nsswitch.dns nsswitch.conf
bash-3.00# /etc/init.d/nscd stop; /etc/init.d/nscd start
bash-3.00# ping www.google.com
www.google.com is alive

As you can see, the Name Server is working!

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