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This is the lab where I did most of my studying on, along with Dynamips… Nowadays all the hardware is gone and replaced with Dynamips and rack rental for the high end hardwares such as the Cisco Nexus lines…


R1/R2/R3/R4/R5 – 1841
R6 – R3 – Cisco 2611XM
BB1/BB2/BB3 – 2611XM

SW1/SW2/SW3/SW4 – Cisco 3550 EMI (48 Port)
AS – Cisco 2610 + 32 ASYNC

And my old lab below…

My current lab above is built using my old lab below. I have got rid of the 8 x 2691s Routers, which I bought for testing MPLS, along with the 2950 Switches and replaced the routers with 1841s…

Old Lab

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