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Gmail SMTP 2 Factor Authentication on OSX iMail

The following method has worked for me when it comes to sending emails via SMTP using Google Apps Account with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled. I am sure this method can also be followed for regular Gmail Accounts. On Your Google Accounts Revoke the Application Specific Password for iMail Create a New Application Specific Password for iMail On Your Mac Go to Keychain Access and Delete On iMail Change the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) by selecting the Edit SMTP Server List and click the Advance tab Make sure the Username is your Email Address and the Password is the one you have generated on the above step. iMail will prompt for the SMTP server confirmation along with a prompt for a password, make sure to use the one which was generated on the above list. Post your comments below with your views!

Is SecureCRT worth it?

You are probably here becasue you have asked the same question as I did before purchasing SecureCRT: Is it worth me forking out $100 for a terminal emulator software?

This is probably one of the question every Network/Systems Engineer asks when it comes to buying a terminal emulator, or stick with freeware like Putty/TeraTerm etc on Windows, iTerm2 on Mac and Terminal on Linux.

There is a great post covered by Greg Ferro here, where he iterates that is it not good value for money. I do agree with him 100% where you could get such application on Mac App Store for around $25. However, when it comes to evaluating a software or any matter, one needs to consider the individual requirement before committing themselves financially to the purchase.

There are a number of questions I have asked myself before going ahead with the purchase…

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Wi-Fi Router Android Push Messages / WhatsApp Delay

Android Push / WhatsApp Messages are getting delayed with connected to Wi-Fi Router. Messages get delivered when the phone screen is turned on. I have managed to reproduce the problem and it turned out to be a Wi-Fi chip issue on the device(s) itself. This is because the Phone in question (Nexus 4) stops responding to ARP request when the phone is on Sleep mode. This is due to Qualcomm Prima WLAN issue which affects all phones with this specific chip… Only way to currently fix it is to add a Static ARP entry onto the Router. Given that it is supported on the router itself. Alternatively you can use Android Notification Fixer from the Play Store but for that to work, the phone needs to be rooted. Please make sure you have Static IP / DHCP entry configured to the given IP(s), before adding the Static ARP entry Cisco IOS arp 192. Read more

How to speed up DSL Connection

I have been working on some xDSL sync issues and and here are some of my findings to boost the xDSL Sync rate and have a stable line.

Option 1

First of all, make sure which standard your ISP’s DSLAM running on. This is important because some standards have limitations which will create a bottleneck when it comes to the hardware you are using. First rule of thumb for people who are not sure is to use the ISP’s provided hardware.

For example ITU G.992.5 (ADSL2+) will have an upload limitation of 1.3 Mbps, you might have a line which is capable of handling more than 1.3 Mbps but the hardware you use will cause a limitation. This is why you need to make sure which standard the ISP is running the DSLAM on. If the ISP happen to run ITU G.992.5 Annex M (ADSL2+ M) you are likely to get an upload speed of more than 1.3 Mbps, thus having a router which is capable of supporting Annex M will be beneficial.

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How Reliable is your Hard Disk?

If I ask that question to a number of people, I have a feeling I would get all sorts of answers. I think, Hard Disk reliability doesn’t necessarily depends on the manufacturer but it also depends on how it has been treated in a machine. In my opinion, a HDD in a machine with multiple power cuts would most likely have a short lifespan than one run with proper care. Lets talk about the Manufacturer… People have preference when it comes to HDD Manufacturer. When it comes to the manufacturer, I tend to go for Western Digital (WD) and solely because I had less bad experience with it compared to Maxtor… I am not saying WD drives never fails, in fact I do have an old WD 80GB IDE drive here which died this morning; but it does have low percentage of failure. ** Why does it die?** One person actually asked me this question and the answer is very simple. Read more

Should UK Monitor Internet Activities

This is a controversial question among people whether UK should monitor all Internet and communication activates like the USA. When this subject is brought up, people automatically go on the defensive and starts to argue the fact about privacy and human rights; Granted, privacy is a major issue, and when it involves national security, it will spark some inimitable questions among us. I am not in favour of the Government breaching privacy and human rights issues; on the contrary, in my opinion, national security should be given priority among other things. This is a very sensitive issue and when this subject is brought up, people seem to think that all their internet activities are going to be watched, including their internet shopping. This is not the case here, and if the government goes ahead and do such monitoring system, it will cost billions. I think the word monitoring should be redefined when it comes to this topic and should be balanced in a way that it does not interfere with people’s privacy issues, thus a flagging system to use for such monitoring would an ideal choice. Read more

Choosing Internet Provider

BT had finally called for action on internet speed and how they are advertised to the customers, and this brings me to the topic on how to choose your ISP (Internet Service Provider). For an average person, it sounds pretty straight forward and all you have to do is, choose the one who are cheaper and offers you free equipments. This post is mainly going to be concentrating about DSL connection and not Cable, which I will be covering in the coming days… When choosing an ISP, in my opinion the lesser the contract period the better, so if you are not happy about their services, you can always move on… When an ISP offers free equipment, you are pretty much tired to a lengthy contract just like a Mobile phone contract, which could last up to 12 or even 18 months. Think about it, it makes sense… they need to get the equipment money from somewhere…! Read more

4GB RAM on 32-Bit Operating System

This is a common issue and I have come across of this question numerous times on the ASUS Forums, so I have decided to post some info regarding this issue. If your system has 4GB of RAM or have upgraded to 4GB (Or more) and running a 32-Bit Operating System, It will most likely say you have around 3GB of RAM. Unfortunately there is no way you are going to see all the RAM you paid for. On the other hand, if you are running a 64-Bit Operating System (Which is designed to support 4GB more), you might be able to see all the RAM but it depends on your motherboard Chipset and the BIOS need to support memory remapping feature. If you really need to have 4GB or more RAM, you need to check whether the motherboard chipset support at least 8 GB of address space and it must support 64-Bit architecture. Read more

Could Facebook Become The Next Microsoft? I think not!

I was rather amused to read an article on TechCrunch couple of days ago under the title “Could Facebook Become The Next Microsoft?” The writer Duncan Riley went onto write that Facebook is going to be the next Microsoft on the web world. Before you read my review on the article, I suggest you read Duncan Riley’s article on TechCrunch Here Everybody knows about Microsoft and Facebook. I will give a brief introduction about both Companies, so this article will make more sense to the reader… Microsoft is the leading Operating Systems and software manufacturer in the world. Thousands of companies depend on Microsoft’s to make their revenue by developing third party software for their Operating Systems. Furthermore, there are millions of people and companies who uses Microsoft Software and Operating Systems are familiarised with products and rely on them. Facebook is a Social Networking Website with some nifty features. Read more

Make BisonCam work on Windows Vista

I had a problem installing the BisonCam Driver on my ASUS Laptop running Windows Vista, The XP driver didn’t work at all and I expected that… This is how I got it working… Download the driver from MSI and install it. Then you need to Reboot. Do NOT avoid to reboot because you are too lazy, otherwise it won’t work! After that, you need to make some registry modifications. Easy way to do it is to copy the registry code into notepad and save it as a .reg file. After that, just double click the .reg file and apply the registry modification. (Copy the code in between Registry Info tag) The Cam might show the picture as upside down, All you got to do is a Verticle Flip, Its on the Option ==> Video Capture Filter ==> Rotation Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 <br /> [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Cam5603D]<br /> "SensorType"=dword:0000000a<br /> "LensType"=dword:0000000c<br /> "ImageSize"=dword:00000001<br /> "ViewSize"=dword:00000a50<br /> "SnapItem"=dword:00000000<br /> "MPTest"=dword:00000000<br /> "RGB24"=dword:00000000<br /> "WideScreen"=dword:00000000<br /> "DeviceOffOn"=dword:00000000<br /> "CpuUsage"=dword:00000000<br /> "DcOffset"=dword:00000000<br /> "AeTable"=dword:00000000<br /> "PCB_SIZE"=dword:00000001<br /> "PropShowItem"=dword:00000000<br /> "SXGASize"=dword:00000001<br /> "BlockS3S4"=dword:00000000<br /> "AETarget"=dword:00000000<br /> "FlikerLim"=dword:00000000<br /> "InterpolationMethod"=dword:00000000<br /> "ADC"=dword:00000000<br /> "DC_Level"=dword:00000000<br /> "Gama_Offset"=dword:00000000<br /> "ImageEffect"=dword:00000000<br /> "ChkPacketHdr"=dword:00000000<br /> "SaBase"=dword:00000006<br /> "SaDivitor"=dword:00000006<br /> "SensorYUYV"=dword:00000000<br /> "AvgAE"=dword:00000000<br /> "Timer1"=dword:0000000a<br /> "Timer2"=dword:0000005a<br /> "PowerDown"=dword:00000000<br /> "DoXPC3"=dword:00000001<br /> "Do2KC3"=dword:00000001<br /> Read more