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Should UK Monitor Internet Activities

This is a controversial question among people whether UK should monitor all Internet and communication activates like the USA. When this subject is brought up, people automatically go on the defensive and starts to argue the fact about privacy and human rights; Granted, privacy is a major issue, and when it involves national security, it will spark some inimitable questions among us.

I am not in favour of the Government breaching privacy and human rights issues; on the contrary, in my opinion, national security should be given priority among other things.

This is a very sensitive issue and when this subject is brought up, people seem to think that all their internet activities are going to be watched, including their internet shopping. This is not the case here, and if the government goes ahead and do such monitoring system, it will cost billions.

I think the word monitoring should be redefined when it comes to this topic and should be balanced in a way that it does not interfere with people’s privacy issues, thus a flagging system to use for such monitoring would an ideal choice. This way, people’s privacy won’t be compromised and at the same time it would allow the government to monitor the internet.

All we see in the news lately is terrorist activities directly linked to the internet and how they used the net to communicate with each other. So, if such system was in place, in theory the chances of stopping such thing would be extremely high.

I think it’s safe to say, UK should monitor all Internet and communication activities so they can rule out terrorism in their home soil.

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