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How to Mount USB Drive on FreeNAS

Mounting an External USB drive to FreeNAS especially useful when creating backups or transferring files and so on…

The following method shows, mounting an External USB NTFS formatted drive on FreeNAS (FreeNAS-9.2.0-RELEASE-x64)

Login to FreeNAS via Terminal and run dmesg, you will see a similar output once you plugged in the USB Drive.

ugen3.2:  at usbus3
umass1:  on usbus3
da1 at umass-sim1 bus 1 scbus8 target 0 lun 0
da1:  Fixed Direct Access SCSI-6 device
da1: 40.000MB/s transfers
da1: 3815447MB (976754645 4096 byte sectors: 255H 63S/T 60800C)
da1: quirks=0x2

From the above output, we can distinguish the device in question is /dev/da1s1

Now, Make a Mount Point as follows…

mkdir /mnt/usbext

Make sure the fuse.ko module is loaded by running the following command. You should see a similar output…

[nish@freenas] /mnt# kldstat | grep fuse
23    1 0xffffffff81a61000 aac3     fuse.ko
[nish@freenas] /mnt#

If not, load the module by running the following command…

kldload /usr/local/modules/fuse.ko

Finally, mount the drive to the Mount Point we created earlier…

mount -t ntfs /dev/da1s1 /mnt/usbext/

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  • lee lannert

    That all worked, but when I try to setup a CIFS Windows share I get the message “The path must reside within a volume mount point” when selecting the /mnt/usbext Mount Point for the Path. What is necessary to setup the share?

    • Jeff Richtman

      In the freenas documentation it says using usb attached devices as shares is not allowed.
      If you really need this feature you may be better off setting up a linux box with samba and sharing out the usb drives that way. However USB is slow compared to direct hard drive read / writes and you may experience issues (failed reads / writes) as a result of using usb attached devices if a large amount of data is sent to the server.

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