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Gnome Terminal with Tabs

Tab support for Linux is somewhat limited compared to Windows programs like SecureCRT and Putty Connection Manager.

I have managed to create this small Bash Script which I use to Telnet into my Cisco Routers and Switching in a Lab environment.

# This script will ask the IP Address

echo "Enter the IP Address to continue..."
read ip

gnome-terminal \
--tab -t "R1" -e "telnet $ip 2001" \
--tab -t "R2" -e "telnet $ip 2002" \
--tab -t "R3" -e "telnet $ip 2003" \
--tab -t "R4" -e "telnet $ip 2004" \
--tab -t "R5" -e "telnet $ip 2005" \
--tab -t "R6" -e "telnet $ip 2006" \
--tab -t "SW1" -e "telnet $ip 2007" \
--tab -t "SW2" -e "telnet $ip 2008" \
--tab -t "SW3" -e "telnet $ip 2009" \
--tab -t "SW4" -e "telnet $ip 2010" \

This script is easily modifiable, If you need to remove the IP address, you may remove the following lines and reply $ip with your variable.

echo "Enter the IP Address to continue..."
read ip
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