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Should UK Monitor Internet Activities

This is a controversial question among people whether UK should monitor all Internet and communication activates like the USA. When this subject is brought up, people automatically go on the defensive and starts to argue the fact about privacy and human rights; Granted, privacy is a major issue, and when it involves national security, it will spark some inimitable questions among us.

I am not in favour of the Government breaching privacy and human rights issues; on the contrary, in my opinion, national security should be given priority among other things.

This is a very sensitive issue and when this subject is brought up, people seem to think that all their internet activities are going to be watched, including their internet shopping. This is not the case here, and if the government goes ahead and do such monitoring system, it will cost billions.

I think the word monitoring should be redefined when it comes to this topic and should be balanced in a way that it does not interfere with people’s privacy issues, thus a flagging system to use for such monitoring would an ideal choice. This way, people’s privacy won’t be compromised and at the same time it would allow the government to monitor the internet.

All we see in the news lately is terrorist activities directly linked to the internet and how they used the net to communicate with each other. So, if such system was in place, in theory the chances of stopping such thing would be extremely high.

I think it’s safe to say, UK should monitor all Internet and communication activities so they can rule out terrorism in their home soil.

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  • What a crock of sh*t. There is already programs used, such as "echelon" which flag keywords and alert intelligence types. We do not need our government having yet another way to keep tabs and categories people further degrading humanity thorough an incessant attack on our rights. Its bad enough that one cant walk through even a small market town these days without being constantly seen on CCTV which can bark orders at us if needed, this sticks to high hell and is beyond Orwellian.

    Besides all this would do in reality is cause any supposed terrorists to use codes and everyday conversations which would contain double meaning "the dinner is ready, hurry home" for example, I'm pretty sure most of them already do, can you honestly imagine a phone call where people are openly talking about blowing up a city or whatever in this day and age. Such people have been paranoid of law enforcement, alphabet agencies, spies and intel services since back in the 50's.

    Hell, speaking in code is how the french resistance acted way back in world war two to overcome Nazi spies and the equivalent would simply be undertaken today as soon as they realized what was happening, using such methods goes back hundreds if not thousands of years back to the Egyptians (Ciphers anyone).

    Like most laws in this phony war on terror the only people who stand to lose out are everyday people in the loss of personal liberty and privacy. Its pretty obvious for anyone who looks into it and doesnt take the media's word at law that a lot of incidents over the past hundred or so years ahve turned out to be state sponsored terrorism designed to change the minds of a nations people to gain mass consensus to justify wars and invasions, this is not a new practice either.

    After hearing recently that the NHS database in the UK is potentially up for grabs to the highest bidders in the corporate world, in essence giving our medical history over to private companies I shudder to think how much more we have to have taken away from us before people realize what is taking place, I mean MEDICAL RECORDS, are they not meant to be almost sacred in there confidentiality.

    All this and much more taking place at this time mirrors the rise of fascism in Germany prior to WW2 but on a far larger and potentially horrifying scale..

    Wake the hell up people, our leaders are not interested in "looking out for us" one iota, they want a system in which the state is considered God, Infallible and not to be questioned and we are minions to serve and be enslaved into a mental bondage where we cannot think outside of specific paradigms. Freedom of speech is in its death throes and unless we the people resuscitate it then it will be lost for future generations, YOUR CHILDREN.

    THEY ARE OUR SERVANTS NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND. Leaders of our countries only care for themselves and they people who they have to answer to, and that aint us.

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